How is beef Jerky made?

Simple yet so delicious... 

Amongst all the highly processed and over manufactured snacks out there lies an outlier.

Something a little different from the rest. Something that is naturally packed with protein and nutrients, yet is surprisingly simple to make. Introducing Jerky

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Here's how it's made 

Step One - The Cut

First and foremost; get some BEEF! Here at Pryme we don’t use any old beef. We use 100% Aussie Wagyu Beef. We know, we know this may seem a bit over the top, but using high quality beef means we don’t need to add lots of sugar and flavours to enhance it. The stunning marbling found in Wagyu beef is naturally packed full of flavour and impressive enough without adding all the nasties like you find in some other Jerky brands.

Step Two - Slice

To start you are going to want to trim off any excess fat on the outside of the meat. This is why it makes sense to choose a cut of meat that is already fairly lean. Now you are ready to create your jerky strips. Time to slice! Since jerky consist of thin slices, we want to ensure all the pieces are of even thickness so they dry at the same rate!

Step Three - Marinade

Now the fun begins - time to give the meat slices a long bath. You’ll have to be patient though! Our Jerky marinades for up to 24 hours in a blend of soy sauce, vinegar and natural spices. Flavour guaranteed!

Step Four - Dry

Finally, once the meat is ready to dry out, the strips are placed on racks and evenly spaced out to ensure they dry out at the same rate. There are various methods you can use for drying jerky, and depending on the method you choose, the time to reach the perfect texture will vary. Now all that’s left is to enjoy those tender strips of goodness!

And that’s it. Beef + marinade + dried = Jerky. EAT UP!





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