Why Jerky is the perfect post-workout snack

When looking for a convenient and healthy snacking moment, most people seek foods that are protein-dense, low in sugar. They aim to snack on food that is high in protein because of the nutrient’s ability to help the body build cells, fight infection, carry oxygen, while create and sustain energy.

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Meet Jerky: attractive, fun-loving and healthy. More protein-packed with healthy nutrients than any other snack, Jerky is taking the crown—for good reason. With a prolonged shelf life and no need to refrigerate, these snacks are perfect to pop in after a big workout. Here’s why.

The Science

After a big workout session, your muscles need a sufficient amount of protein for muscle recovery. With an ideal post-workout snack at around 10-30 grams of protein. Since Jerky is protein-packed, this snack fits the bill and has the perfect amount of protein.

That’s not all. Beef Jerky has a healthy amount of Iron and Zin and loaded with Omega-3’s and Omega-6’s. It will also regulate the Insulin bodily response - meaning it won't induce the hormone responsible for signalling your body cells to store fat. All of these great features packed into an on-the-go snack such as Jerky, makes it the ideal solution for a post-workout snack

Muscle Growth

Protein is a macro-nutrient that is predominant in optimising body health and performance, It is often referred to as the ‘building block of our body’. It is a super nutrient responsible for growing and repairing our muscles. This is why Beef Jerky is a top pick in the Weightlifting community.

Building muscles and maintaining them isn’t so easy or straightforward. As such, many individuals turn to protein shakes and other methods to enhance their protein intake and better their physiques. Jerky contains many essential nutrients that will boost muscle growth. High synthesis proteins, which are the most crucial for muscle development, are abundant in dried meats, as well as the only source of the highly effective Creatine Monohydrate. High synthesis proteins are rich in amino acids that our bodies aren’t capable of producing naturally. Quite effectively as a result, Jerky supplements the muscle development process through both nutrients and proteins. Natural yet highly effective.

It turns out, Jerky is quite the superfood, so try one (or all!) of our flavours the next time you hit the gym.


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