What is wagyu?

You know, the tender, melt in your
mouth, buttery kind of steak?

Originating in Japan, Wagyu genetics has played a Pryme role in the Australian Beef industry since the early 90’s. Distinguished by its stunning marbling throughout the muscle, its the Rolls Royce of all beef. Rich in healthy fats and full of amino acids,

your heart will be lovin’ it.


The Process step by step

  • Sliced

    Pryme cuts of Wagyu beef are sliced into strips, revealing the stunning marbling.

  • Marinate

    The meat is then left to sit & soak up the delicious goodness of one of our unique marinades.

  • DRY

    Finally, the slices are dried, locking in the juicy flavours & creating the perfect texture.

The end result?

The best jerky you’ll ever eat

To create the best jerky, we first need to lay the foundations.

Our 400+ Day Grain Fed Australian Wagyu beef is sourced from the most reputable MSA accredited producers in Australia. This ensures quality, high standard and consistency is maintained from farm to your fingers.

Your taste buds will be satisfied with every bite, every time.