Every Industry has its game changer. here’s yours

Curiosity and the drive for better snackable moments in everyday life is what led us to an innovative idea that brought Jerky into the 21st century.

We believe in being inventive and redefining the standards, because messing with a good thing can only make it better, right? It’s all about the good life, because doing things your own way, is the only way.

472 Years later.
here we are.

The closest version to modern day beef jerky started in Peru. The earliest records go back to the 1550s

All hail science

Our food techs work tirelessly to create the most innovative, flavourful, any-day meat snacks.

Direct to you

Our value chain from our farmers to your hands guarantees the level of quality you can expect. Premium yet affordable.

Re-envisioning tomorrow

Wagyu is our new standard. Indulge in real, quality, Australian beef. LEARN MORE

Natural without the nasties

Better snacking means healthier snacking too. We steer clear of any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

Pryme partners of redcycle

We’ve partnered with the REDcycle program to reduce the amount of plastics that ends up in landfill and limit Pryme’s impact on the environment
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Give your bags a new life

1. Eat

The easy part! Make sure you finish every last piece!

2. Drop

Drop off at your nearest supermarket REDcycle bin